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Descaling and Cleaning Your Humidifier with Citric Acid

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Refresh Your Humidifier with Lemi Shine: A Quick Guide

As winter makes way for a warmer season, it's the perfect time to give your trusty humidifier some attention. These winter warriors require regular cleaning to steer clear of bacteria and mold. Here's a simple guide, Lemi Shine style, to keep things fresh.

Why Clean Weekly?
Humidifiers, our seasonal companions, need a weekly spa day to avoid any unwanted microbial gatherings. Refer to your manual, and let's dive into the cleaning routine.

Cleaning in 4 Easy Steps:

1. Disassemble and Rinse:
Break down your humidifier, excluding the electronic bits. A rinse under the faucet for all plastic parts does the trick.

2. Buildup Begone:
Identify chalky white buildup? That's limescale, not a winter souvenir. Use our EPA Safer Choice certified Dish Detergent Booster to scrub away the buildup. Just takes 2 tablespoons in half a gallon of water to bring back the shine. Pay extra attention to corners!

3. Stubborn Spot Soak:
Some spots need a little extra love. Pour Lemi Shine Booster directly onto stubborn areas and let it soak for 20 minutes. Return with a brush or sponge for the finishing touch.

4. Rinse and Air-Dry:
After the scrub-down, rinse everything thoroughly. Consider a monthly disinfection for the entire unit, especially if a funky smell starts lingering.

Ready to bid farewell to unwanted odors and unseen buildup? Lemi Shine's got your back. Let's keep the air clean and your humidifier in top-notch condition! 

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