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Say hello to your naturally clean home!

A safer home for you and your pets

We've been singing praises for our rockstar ingredient, citric acid, for some time now, and we think that if your fur babies could talk, they'd be just as excited!  Citric...

Save the planet – Use Your Dishwasher

With 4th of July around the corner and all the summer BBQs about to go down, those paper plates are looking pretty good right? Well before you ditch your dishwasher...

Remove Foggy Headlights with Citric Acid

Unlock Clearer Vision: Remove Foggy Headlights with Lemi Shine's Dish Detergent Booster. Discover Easy Steps for Safer Drives. EPA Safer Choice Certified Formula Ensures Eco-Friendly Cleaning. Say Goodbye to Haze!