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How Citric Extracts Work in Powerful & Safe Cleaners

The Power of Citric Extracts

You’ve likely seen an increase in cleaning products containing citric extracts. Have you ever wondered how citric extracts work and how they compare to more traditional ingredients?

The citric acid market is definitely growing. Industry analysts predict the global citric acid market will grow with a CAGR between 5.5 percent and 6 percent from 2017 to 2023. Primarily, millennials are behind this growth as they have been found to not only drive consumer growth, but they place health and wellness just after family in what they value most.

From what they eat and put on their bodies (think cosmetics and personal hygiene products) to the products they use to clean their clothes and homes, they care about ingredients and the environment. They are less likely to use the same toxic chemicals their parents may have used in favor of “better for you” products that pose less danger. As such, citric extract has risen in popularity and can be found in increasingly more products.

Citric acid cleaners can be equally or more powerful than toxic chemicals and are proven safer for people and the environment. They are a non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free alternative, clearly getting attention from millennials, Baby Boomers and those in between.

How Do Citric Extracts Work?

Citric extracts are derived from citrus fruit and can be found in everything from foods to cosmetics and natural cleaners. Their power comes from their ability to condition the water to make other detergents in the formula work harder. When detergents work harder, you save both time and energy. What, specifically, do they do?

Grease and Grime Buster
Citric extracts work by cutting grease and grime. They bind to ions and tear them apart to be easily washed away.

Detergent Booster
Another benefit of citric extracts is how they improve the effectiveness of soaps and detergents by tying up minerals in water that inhibit cleaning.

Hard Water Softener
Citric acids are a natural way to soften hard water that contains excess minerals. This means everything from dishes to shower doors, for instance, are left spotless.

Build-Up Remover
Citric extracts also dissolve build-up in appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, so they smell like knew, work better and last longer.

Bacteria Eliminator
Finally, citric extracts lower pH levels and penetrate the cell walls of bacteria to kill germs on contact.

So Long Harsh Chemicals

The beauty of how citric extracts work is they eliminate the need for harsh chemicals in cleansers, like chlorine, ammonia, phosphates and pesticides. While these types of chemicals are thought to be effective, citric extracts are proving to match them in efficacy with significantly fewer side effects. As more people try these citric acid cleaners and see how well they work, they realize there’s no need to use the toxic products.

Deciding not to use toxic cleaning products isn’t always as simple as reading ingredient labels. Because most traditional cleansers lack ingredient transparency, it’s not always easy to know what exactly is in household cleaners. Unlike food and beverage manufacturers, cleaning product manufacturers are not required to list their ingredients on their labels. Many brands, therefore, completely eliminate their ingredients from their packaging and make no mention of them on their websites. For consumers who truly value transparency, brands who choose to list their ingredients can be reason enough to make the switch.

More than ever, consumers are equipped with knowledge. They are understanding that toxic chemicals aren’t the only route to a clean home. Thankfully, the media, social media and certain website databases are shedding light on the sad truth that the insides of our homes are consistently found to be more polluted than the outdoor air. Now, consumers are taking control, swapping some of the most well-known brands for products using safer, equally powerful ingredients like citric extracts.

Where to Use Citric Acid Cleaners

Citric extracts are highly versatile throughout your home. Because they make detergents work more effectively, virtually any room and cleaning chore can benefit from citric acid.

Household Cleaners
Household cleaners are much more effective with citric extracts, again because the acid makes the other ingredients work better. From toilet bowl cleaners and antibacterial cleansers to mildew removers, multi-purpose sprays and shower cleaners, you can find citrus extracts as a main player. The citric acid is an effective ingredient that disinfects, cleans and shines most surfaces.

It’s amazing how many harsh chemicals can be in laundry detergent, but with citric extracts, you can clean your laundry with peace of mind. Try citric acid-based laundry detergent pacs, liquid detergent and laundry boosters and see if they don’t do the same or a better job on your family’s laundry. Plus, with no phosphates or toxic chemicals draining into our environment, you can feel good that your clean isn’t causing damage somewhere else.

Citric extracts can be found in Lemi Shine’s dish soaps, dishwashing detergents, and dishwashing rinse aids. The citric extract formula easily and effectively break down grease as well or better than harsher alternatives. It also eliminates hard water deposits that can cloud glasses and the interior of your dishwasher for shiner, clearer dishes and machine.

Appliance Cleaning
Even appliances that clean can get dirty, mostly from hard water buildup and residual soap and grime. How citric extracts work in garbage disposals, washing machines and dishwashers is by safely removing scum, trapped mildew, bacteria and odors. Most appliances should be cleaned monthly to keep them in tip-top shape.

Choose Wisely

Keep in mind that just because a product includes citric extracts in its ingredients doesn’t mean the product is considered non-toxic. It can still contain plenty of harsh ingredients you may want to avoid. To be sure, look for the “Safer Choice” label issued by the EPA. When a cleaning product displays this label on their packaging, you can be certain the entire ingredient list meets the U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards, containing safer chemicals without sacrificing quality or performance.

The more consumers who opt for these safer products, the more manufacturers will listen and respond to the demand with less-toxic products. It may be impossible to completely remove toxic products from the market, but consumers have the most powerful voice for change. Citric extracts are proven to be effective and a safer alternative. There’s simply no reason to expose ourselves, our families, our pets and our environment to so many of the harsh chemicals of the past. While the millennial generation carries many labels, they may just be the ones to force toxic household cleansers out of the mainstream.

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