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Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips: Daily Habits for a Tidy Home

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From your shower to your sink, maintaining a clean bathroom is key to a fresh and inviting space. At Lemi Shine, we get it—bathrooms, like kitchens, see a lot of action. With daily use and moisture, they can quickly accumulate grime. But fear not! Regular cleaning is the solution.

Know the drill: some spots need attention monthly, while others crave a scrub every few days. By keeping up with cleaning, you'll ensure your bathroom stays hygienic and welcoming for all! 

Daily Maintenance:

Keep your bathroom counters tidy by giving them a quick wipe every evening. A microfiber cloth stashed under the sink is perfect for catching toothpaste spills and stray hairs. Hang it up to dry, and it's ready for several days of use before needing a wash.

Weekly Refresh:

- Sink: Combat bacteria and odors by giving your bathroom sink a thorough clean once a week. It's a hotspot for germs, so keep it sparkling for a healthier space.

- Toilet: Deep clean your toilet weekly to banish bacteria and keep your bathroom safe and fresh. Our septic-safe Toilet Bowl Cleaner has your back.

- Shower: After each use, squeegee your shower walls and floor to prevent soap scum and mildew buildup. Our Shower + Tile Cleaner is ammonia and bleach-free for a worry-free clean!

- Mirror: Keep your bathroom mirror pristine by giving it a wipe down once a week with our Glass + Surface Cleaner, EPA Safer Choice certified for peace of mind.

- Floor: Regularly sweep or vacuum your bathroom floor to remove hair, dust, and other debris, keeping it clean and safe from slips and falls.

Monthly Maintenance:

- Shower Curtain: Prevent soap scum and mold by cleaning your shower curtain and liner at least once a month, or more frequently in humid environments.

Don’t forget to refresh your cleaning tools! Keep your microfiber towels fresh by washing them with our powerfully versatile cleaner – Dish Detergent Booster! Just two tablespoons bring back the fluff while cleaning your machines effectively.

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