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Save the planet – Use Your Dishwasher

With 4th of July around the corner and all the summer BBQs about to go down, those paper plates are looking pretty good right? Well before you ditch your dishwasher for some disposables, here’s some food for thought 🤔

Have you been recycling your paper plates this whole time, thinking it was the way to go? Buckle up for this fun fact that blew our minds: once used, paper plates cannot be recycled! 🤯 

Look, we applaud you for recycling,♻️ and you should definitely keep it up, but sadly, used paper plates never make it to their intended destination. If you’re as confused as we were initially, it’s because most recycling plants are not adequately equipped to separate the oils from the paper itself, and the process actually creates more waste!

Don’t worry though, if you own a dishwasher, you can do your part by letting your picnic plates 🍽 pile up and doing one big wash! And if you think washing by hand is the way to go, think again! According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, it’s actually more wasteful: You use up to 27 gallons of water per load by hand versus as little as 3 gallons with an ENERGY STAR-rated dishwasher.

For an even more environment-friendly clean using your dishwasher, follow these tips:

  • Scrape the scraps 
  • Skip the rinse before the wash
  • Fully load the dishwasher 
  • Use Booster to get rid of extra gunk and hard water stains 
  • Use energy-saving options - eco cycle
  • Use Lemi Shine’s full dish care regimen for spotless, shiny, sparkling✨ dishes

Saving the world just got a whole lot shinier! ✨🌎

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