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Say Bye-Bye 👋🏼 to Hard Water Stains

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Are you frustrated with those constant hard water stains that just won’t go away, no matter how many times you wipe and clean? It may be time to add citric acid to your cleaning routine. 

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If citric acid sounds familiar to you, it’s because it can be found in almost every household product, including your food, making it the ultimate EPA-certified green cleaning ingredient. Citric acid works wonders by banishing odors, kills bacteria, fungi, and mold, while sanitizing and disinfecting. But wait, there’s more! It’s also ideal for removing hard water buildup of soap scum, calcium deposits, lime, and rust. Our cleaning products have harnessed the power of citric acid to conquer and prevent those hard water stains and buildup, once and for all!

How to prevent hard water stains: 

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The best way to combat hard water stains is by keeping your fixtures dry, wiping down glasses, surfaces, and appliances with a soft cloth. But let’s be honest, even that can slip our minds at times! That’s why it’s best to schedule frequent cleanings with products that prevent buildup and soap scum. 

While you’re not just dealing with those visible chalky stains, we’re also keeping our eye on what’s going on deep inside your pipes and everyday water fixtures. Did you know that limestone and calcium buildup can also interfere with your water pressure and could add to extra wear and tear, making it even harder to get that spotless clean? That’s where citric acid comes to the rescue, making sure to not only deep clean and sanitize but also save your appliances (and your bank account) from dealing with broken fixtures! 

Solutions for hard water stains: 

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And here is where Lemi Shine’s citric acid formulated products swoop in to save your fixtures (and your wallet!). 

Our wide range of products tackles hard water stains, no matter where you may find them (or wherever they may hide)! Take these for example:

And when all else fails all you need handy is a washcloth, a spray bottle, and a few tablespoons of our Dish Detergent Booster, and you have yourself the ultimate DIY hard water cleaner! 

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