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Why we ❤️ Citric Acid

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  • Lemi Shine

We ❤️ Citric Acid

It’s no secret that we love citric acid. In fact, it’s our secret sauce. We figured it out when we began using citric acid to treat hard water to make your dishes sparkle and shine✨. Citric acid has lots of ligands, they work like little grabby arms, so they’re great at grabbing minerals off dishes and fighting hard water. And since citric acid is...well, an acid,  we turned it on germs. And it completely rocks at bursting the bubbles of bacteria and viruses 🦠 too!

And the best part... It all comes from nature! It’s all you need to clean and disinfect. No bleach, no ammonia, no nonsense🚫! That means that there's something to help you keep every corner of your home not only squeaky clean but clean clean✨. 

While we give props to vinegar for its hard-fighting natural cleaning advantage, it’s just that it’s way too harsh on a majority of surfaces and materials! Vinegar acts like a more aggressive acid than citric acid, but if mixed on the wrong surface, you may be in for permanently damaged goods. 

That’s where the versatile citric acid comes in to save the day with its natural PH adjuster, so you can clean without the fear of damaging your surfaces and appliances. And when we say versatile, we mean it! Citric acid kills bacteria, fungi, and mildew while being all-around fantastic for sanitizing, disinfecting, and deodorizing. 

A few ways that citric acid can spruce up your cleaning routine:

  • Remove hard water mineral deposits
  • Sanitize surface areas
  • De-gunk your washers
  • Disinfect common areas 

Whether you’re looking to refresh your fixtures or safely sanitize your home (with your little ones and fur babies in mind), you’re all set with our powerful citric formulas.

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