Lemi Shine vs. COVID-19: Does it work?

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Who knew citrus was home to all kinds of superpowers? Uhh us! We knew! Learn about all the ways our citric extracts work wonders while cleaning.

Safety First

Made with biodegradable ingredients. If an ingredient isn’t safe, we don’t go near it. Say goodbye to freaky chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, phosphates, and quats.

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Alternative Uses Guide

The definitive online guide to the most versatile, citric based cleaner under the sink. There’s a use in every corner of your home, garden, and garage.

The French 75
Pressure Washer
Bath and Shower Fixtures
Essential Oil Diffusers
Brass Fixtures
Rusty Tool


Meet the Haz Pack: Hazardous Chemicals You Should Avoid in Your Home

At Lemi Shine, we work hard to give you a crazy effective clean free from hazardous chemicals. While there are many more, the Haz Pack are some of the most...

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What in the quat is in your disinfecting wipes?

Most disinfecting wipes rely on a little something called “quats” to kill germs. Quats is the nickname for quaternary ammonium compounds, and it’s used in many antibacterial household cleaning products....

Kitchen Bundle

The perfect kitchen cleaning combo for even the messiest chefs.

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Kitchen Bundle