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Spring Cleaning 2021

Our spring cleaning faves are all here! From windows and tile to major appliances, Lemi Shine has got you covered for your whole house needs.

Dish Detergent Booster

So long hard water spots! Meet the #1 Dish Detergent Booster.

$9.99 Sale price $5.59


Glass + Surface Cleaner Featured Image

Glass + Surface Cleaner

Shine on. Streaks gone. Leaves behind a dust-resistant barrier.

$7.29 Sale price $6.65 & Up


Shower + Tile Cleaner Featured Image

Shower + Tile Cleaner

Scrub-a-dub the grime off your tiles and tubs. Prevents future buildup.

$7.29 Sale price $6.65 & Up
Washing Machine Cleaner Featured Image

Washing Machine Cleaner

Time for your washing machine to come clean. Remove odors and gunk.

Regular price $3.99 & Up
Dishwasher Cleaner Featured Image

Dishwasher Cleaner

Get your dishwasher back to peak performance. No more gunk and buildup.

Regular price $3.99 & Up
Garbage Disposal Cleaner Featured Image

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

No more stinky sink. Foam away odor-causing buildup.

Regular price $3.99 & Up


Dish Detergent Booster Featured Image

Dish Detergent Booster

So long hard water spots! Meet the #1 Dish Detergent Booster.

$9.99 Sale price $5.59 & Up


Who knew citrus was home to all kinds of superpowers? Uhh us! We knew! Learn about all the ways our citric acid works wonders while cleaning.

Safety First

Made with biodegradable ingredients. If an ingredient isn’t safe, we don’t go near it. Say goodbye to chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, phosphates, and quats.

The Citrus Squad

Want the best deals on Lemi Shine? Join the Citrus Squad and be the first to know about discounts and new products.

Alternative Uses

The definitive online guide to the most versatile, citric based cleaner under the sink. There’s a use in every corner of your home, garden, and garage.

Eco-Friendly Spring Scents: Lemi Shine's DIY Potpourri Recipes
Pressure Washer
Bath and Shower Fixtures
Essential Oil Diffusers
Brass Fixtures
Rusty Tool

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